Whether you’ve just celebrated day 25 of a plastic-free life, or if you’re newly staring at the brutal truth of your business’ waste consumption, there is a large number of people and businesses that exist to help you -and your business- move towards a greener future.

So the annual movement is upon us- and it’s an exciting movement at that; one that is literally helping save the world while making you and I a little more environmentally conscious along the way. And if you’re anything like me, it’s also a constant daily reminder of how excessive the rubbish in your life was before you started.

Do I really have to say goodbye to frozen veggies and bagged almonds? Yes. The answer is yes. I’m getting there. And you will, too.

As a human in the culturally aware 2019, you may have flown seamlessly through the grocery store thinking you have this whole thing nailed… to then arrive at work and quickly realize how much of your personal waste consumption is outside of your control. Or, very much inside your control but not soon to be sacrificed — hello coffee cup lid, my old plastic nemesis…

Though don’t be fooled by old habits – I assure you that you’ll become so much more resourceful the longer you stick to it.

Whether you’re nearing the end of Plastic Free July and considering the habits you can keep in your life or you’re newly staring at the brutal truth of your business’ waste consumption- there is a large amount (and I mean an exciting, surprising, Wakanda-forever amount) of people and businesses that exist to help YOU, your business, or your mum move towards a greener future.

Now, these guys are not only about avoiding plastic for a month (though that does make a lifetime of difference!), but more-so the highest level of environmentally friendly, sustainable and recycled/recyclable resources to make your own journey that much more seamless- plus they’ve gone to wildly impressive lengths to ensure the highest level of sustainability for their personal market.

So let me introduce you to a few really cool companies that can help you on your journey…

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A definite for any business owner in Queensland; CCIQ EcoBiz is a free program to help your business understand energy, water and waste costs while teaching you all about sustainability. They have made a lifetime of difference for us here at Tide Productions and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you. Connect with like-minded businesses, get tips and tricks and even have a no-cost coaching session at your office to get an idea of smart ways to start saving (the planet and money!).

Next up we have;

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Sophia Mulheran Designs is here for your sustainable and ethical homeware products. Handmade, beautiful homewares and stationery she is a go-to for things like, thank you cards for that great client, or a notebook for all those ideas in your head! Check out her website and even have your items delivered through Sendle, Australia’s first carbon-neutral delivery service.

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Energy Partners is a great connection for the bigger businesses around, they will hook you up with all your solar panel needs for your business along with smart solutions to monitor your savings (massive win!). Check out their website for more information on the incredible savings solar can bring to your company.

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Mil-Tek are your rubbish compactors for companies with a large amount of plastic, cardboard and general waste- cause let’s face it, some things just can’t be avoided yet. They are completely across this waste levy, what it means for you and how to save as much as possible. They also have a mind-blowing amount of info on what you can recycle (and how)… like, did you know you can recycle styrofoam? You can! Plus they’ll even show you how. Motivated by a love for the environment I can’t recommend these guys enough if you find your bins constantly overflowing.

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GoodBeer Co is the name to look for when you’re wanting to ensure effective change even on your nights out (and in!). They are a fantastic social enterprise that has used a great Australian love-language (aka beer) to fund action on animal welfare, climate change and reducing pollution on our Great Barrier Reef. Cheers to that- literally!

But keep in mind -while you begin to research your shampoo bars and plastic-free cleaning products, and start turning your empty snack containers into makeshift coffee cups when you forget your keep cup- know that you certainly aren’t alone!

These may seem daunting changes at first, I assure you it gets easier and you will start being a fantastic influence in your circle- not just in your business- and you will personally be an integral part of the bright future we all share.

So be proud of the difference you’re making with every little (and big!) new decision you make.

Don’t be afraid to start small- every little difference goes a long way- and will have a pretty cool ripple!