So there’s ONE WEEK until Christmas (breathe in, breathe out…) and your mind is running wild with the gift possibilities you need to conquer in t-minus 168 hours. Cool.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a surprisingly large number of filmmaker friends with a Christmas wish list that’s the sum total of 1 billion dollars. Ok. Thanks guys.

Thankfully, here’s seven fun, little gift ideas under $25 that won’t be a waste of money (that’s right- there’s no “oh that was fun to open but let me put that in a drawer and never look at it again” gifts here)!

At time of writing, all Amazon links offer delivery before Christmas so fill up your cart, sit back, and pray they each arrive in time! If that’s not your style, there are a few links to Kmart, Bunnings Warehouse and a few local loved stores- so plan your next day off for a Christmas-gift-wander, and make some calls beforehand to avoid numerous “out of stock” disappointments.

So here’s 7 gifts under $25 for your filmmaker friends:

1. GorillaPod

For $19.95 or $19.99 on Amazon, GorillaPods can be used on most cameras, smartphones, lighting, microphone, pico projectors or speakers, so have a think (or a subtle chat) about what your friend owns and look into a GorillaPod to suit.

2. Books for Filmmakers

If you don’t desire spending the week before Christmas walking through a bookstore in the film section, Bustle has a great list of 10 Books Every Aspiring Filmmaker Should Read: – choose something related to their field and add a copy to your Amazon cart, or call a few local bookstores to see what they have in stock.

3. Gaff/Camera Tape

While this would usually be covered in business expenses, if you want to bring a chuckle (yes I said chuckle) to your friends Christmas stocking this year, this is definitely something that if you’re anything like me will be used on an almost daily basis. Pick some gaff up for $16.50 on Amazon, or head into your local Bunnings Warehouse for $11.23. Definitely have a scroll through Lemac’s Camera Tape, too (there’s a range from $4.99 to $25). Camera Tape is usually coloured, thinner and doesn’t leave that sticky residue on your stuff. I use it all. the. time… and it’s awesome. (Yes, I’m accepting Christmas presents, too- thank you so much).

4. Wireless phone charger

Amazon, Officeworks and Kmart each have these for under $25- grab one of these handy inventions for yourself while you’re there!

5. Clapboard

If your filmmaker friend doesn’t already have a clapboard, this will be an essential asset to their kit. For your actor, writer, location scouter, entertainer friends this is always a fun piece for the bookshelf!

6. Small tripod for iPhone for your social media world

If you don’t need the versatility of a GorillaPod and have someone in your life that’s always looking to up their social media world (or just really into vlogging), have a search online (just make sure it will arrive before Christmas!) or pick up a basic flexible tripod from Kmart for $8 or a pocket tripod from Officeworks for $3! -Great stocking fillers if nothing else! 

7. Touchscreen gloves

If buying a few things from Amazon already, you can find touchscreen gloves from $13.99  and while they may seem a little outrageous in summer, once the outdoor early morning shoots kick-in late Autumn and Winter, they’ll be sending another Thank you card for sure! Helpful for camera screens as well as phones. Or germophobes… great for those, too.

Happy Christmas shopping! And just remember, you won’t be the only one adding a second quantity for yourself at the checkout..!

If you’re looking for something a little more, check out these five additional gift ideas over $25-

1. A streaming subscription

Many filmmakers love refining their craft through watching a range of different films – what better way to refine their craft (or chill on a Friday night) than a subscription to a new streaming service (or just six months and let them deal with the rest; you do you). There are so many new streaming services, or lesser known treasures (tell me you’ve heard of THE CRITERION COLLECTION, right?). Google some options and choose one that suits their style so they’ll feel that extra love.

2. Masterclass subscription

 Looking into a Masterclass subscription for yourself? This is the perfect time to purchase one and get the second free to gift away- sure to be their favourite gift of the century!

3. Magazine Subscription:

Great for those interested in -or working in- advertising!


4. A Copy of any Film from Sight & Sound ‘Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time’ List

Randomly pick a film or host another subtle conversation about their favourite director and head to JB HIFI (Again, make sure to call first to make sure your pre-Christmas week isn’t filled with frustrating “out of stock” moments).

5. Scratch calendar of movies

The perfect gift for any film lover (aka, your filmmaker friend!) – this great Scratch Poster of 100 Movies Bucket List is a great addition to their house, and turns into a great trophy poster afterwards! Just note- this one arrives AFTER Christmas, so make sure this is for the ones you’re not seeing for a while but still need to share the gifting love with.

Well, Merry Christmas! Just remember, you’re certainly not the only one bookmarking these items for yourself for the Boxing Day sales, too! I mean, you gotta make the most of this joyful season, right?