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A video is one of the most powerful ways to generate buzz, get your audience excited and passionate and generate results! Creating an advertising video allows your story, event, charity or cause the traction it needs to achieve its goals. With measured success in numerous campaigns, let our team tell your story in an engaging way, that will make your audience want to jump off their seats to get involved!

(Check out any number of examples below, and success statistics are available on request because we thought it would sound braggy if we added it here!).  

Music Videos

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Event Filming

Capturing an event is not only about the end product, it’s also about customer service on the occasion. Our team of highly skilled professionals will treat your guests like royalty while getting the atmosphere of the event to capture highlights, testimonials, images and video of the night.


Exploring themes close to the hearts of our staff, we have created a number of short and long form documentaries including “Breaking the Mound” an exploration into gender equality in Rock and Roll, that premiered at the Big Sound 2018, and a story currently in Pre-Production that has its roots based deep in Russia (More information available soon).

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